martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

Describing my family

      In the picture above I'm with my two sisters and my niece in Mar del tuyu the last summer. First, al the left of the picture, we can see my older sister, Daniela, she is 24 and is the middle one. Despite the fact that she is my sister, I have to agree on the popular belief that the middle child is the moody one, and that is correct. But, then again, I have to admit that, even though she's not the most polite person on earth, she is an excelent sister and she's always there to help me when I need it, she is also realy intelligent and she's studing at the Buenos Aires College to be a biochemical. Second, in the middle, after "Pepe", is my eldest sister, who is 29 and who is a primary school teacher. From the three of us, she's the one with a more cheerful nature and she's always busy, always looking for something to do, and that really annoyed me when we shared room a few years ago. In spite of that, I must say that she is great and, as happens with mi other sister, she is an excelent sister, always advising me when I ask and lending me all of her clothes, but most of all, she is always there when I need her, as I am when both of them need me. Third, in my sister's arms there's my niece, the most beautiful thing that happenned to me. She's called Camila and she's two years old, but when she talks sounds like she's ten. When she was only 5 months old I started taking care of her until now, because both my sister and my brother in law work by morning, so I'm practically her part time mother. As a resume, my sisters are the best ones I could ever ask, despite of the fights they know I love them and I know they love me, and I'm glad to have such a big family.
     In this picture we can see my mother, again my niece, and my father. First, at the left my mother Marga: she's perfect, of course she has flaws, but I don't care because she compensates them by being kind, loving and good hearted. I'm not going to state her age, otherwise she will be angry, but I'll state that she looks younger than she is. Second, there's my niece, but I had already talked about her, so I'm going to move on. Third, there's my father Jorge: we may fight quite a lot because of our very alike personalities, but he knows I love him. He is the most intelligent and inventive person I know, he always has the answer for every question, and he enjoys explaining every thing, he is always fixing whethever we had broken, both electronic and not. In a whole I can't think my life without them, they always guide me and, even though they may not let me do much, I know that is because they care about me and they are looking after my happyness. Once again I can say I'm glad to have them in my life and that I love them.

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